Damascus Axe

The axe is a culturally significant, historically ancient tool that is simple, handy, and powerful. For an axe to revitalize the dormant hunter-gatherer in its user, it needs only 15 minutes of chopping wood. Various types of battle-axe, including the Tomahawk bearded axe. Forging high carbon steels 1095 and 15N20 into Damascus steel results in a blade that is well-hardened to a hardness of 56 to 58 HRC by excellent heat treatment.

Your skill level determines what type of axe you require. It is sometimes necessary to use an axe to cut kindling or split wood for a campfire. A variety of sizes of Damascus Axe is available for chopping and splitting across a wide range of tasks. Axe in Damascus steel can be ordered from Knife Depot to suit the needs of the customer.

Is a Damascus Axe Used For Chopping or Splitting Wood?

  • A single downward stroke of an axe allows you to split a vertically positioned log.
  • As a result of the deeper penetration, a Damascus splitting axe facilitates the effective dispersion of wood.
  • Splitting logs with these axes requires less time, effort, and hand strain since they are able to perform one-strike splits with each swing.
  • To chop wood, a sharp, downward stroke of the axe is used to cut horizontal logs into segments.
  • Wood fibers are cut by Damascus chopping axe, rather than broken apart by them.
  • Three times as strong is the bite provided by these axe blades when chopping.
  • Cutting more wood with fewer swings allows for greater blade penetration.

How Long is the Damascus Axe?

One-strike splits of small and even medium-sized logs can be ach17-inch offers the power and speed of 17-inch Damascus steel axes. The Damascus steel axe convenient size makes it easy to carry along on camping or backpacking trips. Those with medium-to-large trees should try the 28-inch Damascus axe, which has a powerful swing speed when swinging, similar to an aluminum baseball bat.

Does the Damascus Axe Have High Quality?

Axes should always be bought with safety and quality in mind. The chopping and splitting Damascus axe head available from Knife Depot are covered by a lifetime warranty. When the blade is not being used, it is protected by protective sheaths.

Which Material is Used For the Handle?

Brett says you should always choose an axe handle made from wood over plastic ones you find in the big box stores. Ash or hickory are the best choices. Bret’s preferred wood is hickory, but ash will do the job just fine.

There should be numerous, tight, and narrow growth rings in the handle’s wood. Unlike wood with fewer, broadly spaced growth rings, wood with this pattern is much stronger. Our Damascus steel Axe handle is made of wood and is comfortable to carry and lasts a long time.

Straight or Curved Handle

Damascus throwing axes can be straight or curved. Felling axes with single-minded handles tend to be curved. When it comes to single bits, Brett recommends the straight handle: “I feel like I have more control with a straight handle.”

You have no choice but to use a straight handle if you pick a double-dipped Damascus steel axe, as it’s their only option. It would be impossible to use the other part of the axe if the handle wasn’t straight. Axes with straight and curved handles are available in Damascus steel.