Knife Sheath

Keeping sharp knives in drawers and cabinets can be dangerous, especially if they are left unattended. Your employees are less likely to be slashed or cut if you use sheath covers for knives on all your knives. A good Knife sheath cover is essential for protecting a fine-quality Damascus Knife.  Quality knives are usually shipped with an inexpensive sheath cover designed to protect the blade during shipping.

Cutting with knives and even defending yourself from harm are important skills to have. Different knives are needed for different types of work. You require a covering for these knives so that you don’t get hurt. Due to their durability and design, the best leather sheaths cover for knives are mostly chosen. It is essential to buy a Knife sheath cover that matches your knife model and taste. Our store Knife Depot specializes in manufacturing and supplying sheaths for knives. Our sheaths are made with the best materials to meet customer needs.

What Type of Material is Used for Knife Sheaths?

There are various materials used for sheath covers. However, our sheaths cover knives made of leather and nylon.

  • Leather Knives Sheath

A leather knife sheath cover is made from the hide of an animal (cow, elk, deer, and buffalo), giving your knife additional protection as well as protecting you from injuries that could be caused by a sharp, unprotected blade. Fixed blades are best carried in the best leather sheath cover due to their durability and long life. Leather is a superb choice for blade protection, and once broken in, a leather sheath becomes almost a custom fit.

  • Nylon Knives Sheath

Designed with Velcro safety and retention straps, nylon knife sheaths offer the versatility of molle (military mounting) for tactical applications. Sheaths made from nylon do not retain moisture, are easy to clean, and are affordable compared to leather sheaths. Nylon is light as well as reusable.