Complete Guide to Different Blade Shapes of Pocket knife

Different Shapes Of Pocket Knives

Pocket knives make life easier. Having one in your possession makes you feel well-protected subconsciously. They are used in a variety of manners and ensure efficiency and reliability. However, if you want your pocket knife to be durable and have the quality of longevity, you need to be well aware of the different blades that come with pocket knives.


There is a huge deal of variation when it comes to knife blades. Each kind of blade is used for a different reason and purpose and has its own pros and cons. No matter the type of knife blade, you need to take good care of it so that it remains sharp for the longest possible time.


The reason why there are so many different types of blades for pocket knives is the huge variety of ways in which they are used. Each kind of pocket knife has a different function.


One major reason why most people prefer owning a pocket knife over any other type of knife is its ability to function in various manners and an aesthetically pleasing shape. Alongside this, they are extremely handy. You can take these knives wherever you want and use them even in the most random places ever.


1.    Drop Point Blade


Inarguably, the drop point blade is the most common type of blade that you would see in pocket knives. At the same time, it is the most preferred blade for new and advanced users. The major reason why everyone prefers it is its strength and preciseness. In terms of the shape, it is pretty simple. The cutting edge is pointed upwards and curved. There is a convex curve in the spine, which is a little shallow.

Drop-Point-DladeThe shape of the drop point blade is quite  unconventional. It is so different that you can identify from a far quite easily. It has a convex curve at the top right from its spine which goes all the way towards the tip. Its lines are quite graceful which gives it the much-needed flexibility. Its utilitarian profile gives it the right amount of efficiency and preciseness. The drop point blade design is a classic one.



Using the drop point knife is easy. Owing to its simplicity, you can use it to skin an animal, chop it into pieces, and prepare a complete dinner. At the same time, you can always keep it with you and use it to defend yourself when needed.


For campers, it is a great tool. They can use it in a variety of ways in their outdoor activities. As the fitting surface of this knife is quite extensive, you can handle it quite easily. Even for a first-time user, this knife is extremely manageable.



2.    Damascus Knives


The second most common pocket knife is the Damascus knife. What sets it apart from other available options is its beautiful appearance. These knives are known to be the most aesthetically pleasing ones that there are. If you want to look trendy and cool when you take out the knife from your pocket, you should go for this one.

Damascus knife

The shape and pattern of Damascus knives are sophisticated and highly functional. Its blade has a convex grind which gives it a right level of sharpness. The edges are thin, which makes slicing materials quite efficient. The blade is anti-stick, making it possible for you to place rapid strokes. Even when the blade gets a little blunt, its edges still don’t stick to the material. The Structure of this blade  is a little brittle, which ensures that you can use this knife for a variety of activities.



Damascus knives come with a unique but truly beautiful pattern and texture. These knives have blades custom-made for them. This is because the edge is moved through repeated and extended heating sessions. This long-term heating gives it the feature of being robust and long-lasting. It is made with the hammer welding of numerous steel sheets. Steel and iron are mixed to provide these blades with the specification of durability and longevity.


These knives are available in various sizes, and you can choose the desired one according to your needs. If you want a pocket knife for everyday use, you can go for the smaller version. However, if you need a knife for specific activities like hunting and skinning an animal, the larger one will do for you. It is proven that Damascus knife blades aid you in indoor and outdoor activities with equal ease and efficiency.


3.    Japanese Damascus Knives


Another great choice for both men and women when it comes to a pocket knife is the Japanese Damascus knife. It is handy, and you can carry it around your pocket without feeling any load. Alongside this, even professional chefs like to own this knife as it makes their chopping and slicing activities quite fast and efficient.

Japanese-Damascus-KnivesThe shape of this blade makes it a convenient item for indoors as well as outdoor activities. It has an angled tip, which helps you feel the item precisely and drop them off easily. Made of premium steel and laminated on the top, this plane offers high carbon cutting. The core of the blade remains stainless even if you use it for many years.


Similarly, for home chefs who regularly have to use knives, this is a great choice to make. This is because the Japanese Damascus knife is extremely easy to sharpen. Its blade is uncomplicated, and even when it becomes tough to use, it’s quite convenient for a chef working at home to sharpen it up and put it back to use.


The blade of the Japanese Damsic knife is highly durable and extremely long-lasting. This is because it is made of high-quality carbon, which tends to endure pressure quite easily. It endures heat well, which leads to its long life. Numerous sheets of steel are processed into one single blade, which is the secret behind its sharpness and strength.


4.    Raindrop Damascus Knife


The raindrop Damascus knife is yet another amazing pocket knife that you can have with you at all times. It is a folding knife that is extremely easy to carry and use. For the hunting purpose, this is surely the first choice, and rightfully so. The steel blade of this knife is made by taking it through repeated treatments and sessions in heat. Hence, the construction of this blade is top-notch.


Raindrop-Damascus-KnifeThe concave shape at the lower edge of the raindrop blade keeps it raw. The upper portion shows a bent, which gives the lower side of the blade its ability to cut things precisely. With the handle being angular to the blade, making quick strokes becomes possible for the user. If you are looking for a stylish knife, you may even get the one that has some texture and design carved on it.


The blade of this knife is for a lifetime. It doesn’t get even a hint of rust no matter how many years you use it. The hammer welding of a number of sheets has a role to play in this blade’s longevity. Alongside this, as steel and iron sheets are welded together, the blade turns out to be extremely sharp and quite long-lasting.


The teardrop shape of the blade also sets it apart from other blades. It’s quite a unique feature of this knife. This teardrop shape comes with repeated heating sessions, which makes hunting quite efficient for the knife user.


In terms of sizes, these knives come in a variety of dimensions. Alongside this, the styles offered by them are also numerous. You can choose your personal Pocket Knife UK just according to your own convenience and ease. If you are buying a knife specifically for hunting purposes, you need to have the big one. However, if you require a knife for everyday usage, simply go for a smaller one. Whichever size you choose would surely fit into your lifestyle with great ease!


5.    Spear-Point Blade


If you want a pocket knife specifically for your personal protection, the spear point blade is what you need to have. Its blades have slopes at both the ends, ensuring that it can be used from any side with equal efficiency. However, for safety purposes, one side of the blade is kept sharper than the other. For folding knives that one can carry at all times, the one side sharpened and other bland knife is used. However, if you want these to perform some specific action like piercing and slicing.


Final thoughts


A pocket knife is a great tool to carry at all times. As it is small and handy, you can literally use it for any purpose. However, as some of them are really sharp and have efficient blades, you need to be careful while carrying them.


It gives you the much needed safety, and you can perform various tasks easily through it. So, what are you waiting for? Now that you are aware of the various types of pocket knives, just have the one that suits your needs perfectly!

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