Are You Looking For A Perfect Bowie Knife – Read This Guide

Are You Looking For A Perfect Bowie Knife - Read This Guide

Knives are of different types, each used for specific purposes. While some are used for special occasions, others are regular knives used to perform day-to-day activities. When choosing one amongst them, you may get confused by the vast number of options available right in front of you. One of these knives is the Bowie knife, which is used for numerous reasons and is highly beneficial.


If you have been looking for the perfect Bowie knife but have no idea how to spot one, this article will help you immensely. We will start with the history of the Bowie knife. After that, we will share the complete guide on what factors you should consider before buying the Bowie knife.

The History of the Bowie knife


This knife is probably one of the oldest knives that there are. It has an extensive history and is considered to be two centuries old. However, despite its ancient origin, it got famous in the 1900s. The fact that it is a versatile knife and you can use it for various activities has made it popular amongst users.


The Bowie knife UK has been named after a famous fighter named James bowie. James was recognized for expertly using this knife in all the fights he was a part of. It is famously said that the fighter defeated his assailants with it even after he was himself stabbed. However, the knives that we use today are not exactly what he would use. Rather, there are numerous variations of the knife available now. This is why, even within this knife, the range of choice has increased quite a lot.


Bowie knife in today’s time


Some decades ago, this knife was a favorable choice for hunters. It would be their go-to option whenever the hunters had to kill the prey. However, over time, more sophisticated weapons have been introduced, and the usage of this knife exclusively for hunting has reduced. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of people who prefer the Bowie knife over other weapons for  hunting. They are especially those who have seen their elders go out on hunting activities and keep this knife. Ancestral pairs of knives have a special place for everyone!


In today’s time, Bowie knives are mainly used for decorative purposes. People who love to adorn their homes with ancient weapons and artistic pieces opt for them. They look for huge pieces they can place in their living area or guest room.


Features To Look For While Buying The Perfect Bowie Knife


However, if you want to use the Bowie knife rather than making it a piece of a decorative item in your house, here are some features you should consider:


●    Material of the blade


Arguably, the knife’s material is one of the most important features you should consider before buying it. The types and kinds of blades available vary, so you must be aware of them before buying a knife. Even for the bowie knives, edges may be composed of different materials. This ensures versatility amongst them.


Gone are the days when the old-fashioned iron was the only thing used for making these blades. The modern bowie knives have blades made of stainless steel and alloy. Compared to the ancient knives, the blades of these daggers last longer. These are stain-resistant and rust-resistant. Even if you use them for many years, they will still look brand new.


The durability of modern knives makes them desirable. You can use these for whatever purpose you have, and they will endure the process skillfully.


Hence if you are looking for a knife for its functionality rather than its decorative ability, it’s necessary to choose one made of modern plates. Alloy and stainless steel would work great in this regard.


●    Be careful when choosing the handle.


Just like the blade, the handle of a knife matters quite a lot. It should be made off Ariel that holding it for long periods won’t be a problem for you. Poor quality handles make the cutting process longer and uncomfortable. The durable and easy-to-use handle will give you an impressive grip and long-lasting ability.


In the old times, the handles of these knives were made of bone or wood. Even though they would look beautiful, they were not comfortable if you had to hold them for long durations. Also, they were not durable. A strong hit would disjoint their location, leading to consistent repairs. Such knives would work well only as show pieces. However, the modern Bowie knives have handles made of Murata and an efficient synthetic blend. It’s easy to hold them for long hours and do your work.


The type of handles you will chose depends on your usage. If you’re buying it for cutting, you would go for another handle, if you need it to cut rope or any other stuff, then another handle will be used. So, this factor may vary if your use is different.


●    The size matters


Another thing you should consider while buying the knife is the length and width of the blade. Many people tend to forgo this feature, but the knives’ size will affect the user’s efficiency. A blade that’s too big would be challenging to use and may turn out to be extremely dangerous. On the other hand, a small blade makes quick cutting and chopping difficult.


However, it also depends upon the nature of the activity you need to perform with this knife. For example, if you want to perform heavy-duty activities, you may need a big blade. Hunting and wood chopping gets efficient with Bowie knives that have massive blades.


Other activities like skinning an animal or self-defense would not require having knives with huge blates. Instead, medium-sized blades would work well in this regard.


●    Consider the tank


While buying a knife, many people think to oversee an essential part of the knife, which is the tang. Many buyers don’t even know about it. Tang is the connectivity between the handle and the blade. If you choose a full tang knife, the blade will not break off the handle. No matter how extensive or heavy the tasks you perform, the chances of your knife breaking are very few.


●    The covering sheath


As this knife is a heavy-duty weapon, you need to protect yourself from it. For that, you would require a sheath to cover the blade of your knife. It would ensure that you are not harmed by it while carrying it with you at all times. While keeping you safe, it also protects the blade and its lining. This way, the blade remains sharp for the longest possible time.


While you are choosing the sheath, you need to be careful. The material of this covering also affects its durability and longevity. Choose a leather one over the nylon one. This is because the former lasts longer than the latter.


Why buy a bowie knife?


A Bowie knife is one of the best defensive weapons ever. Carrying it with you will give you a sense of safety and security. The hunters of today’s time prefer having this knife over others owing to various benefits. It is an excellent tool for the campers to cut down wood and defend themselves against wild shrubs and animals.


What makes this knife a favorite amongst the hunters is the incredible strength that it provides to its user. Whether you want to cut a solid surface, scrape something off, or skin an animal, this knife works efficiently for all kinds of activities. It offers a firm grip over the handle, ensuring the user can pass through difficult places while performing the required action without having to stop midway.


To be honest, these knives are not recommended for day-to-day activities. It just doesn’t make sense to use this knife in the kitchen to cut vegetables or fruits. It is simply not meant to do such tasks. Instead, it is efficient in performing heavy-duty activities where all the other knives fail.


For instance, if you plan a camping trip right in the middle of a forest, having a bowie knife along would be a great idea. It would turn out to be an efficient tool that would help you in a variety of situations. For instance, this knife will help you defeat your prey if you are hunting an animal. Once you have done that, cutting, skinning, and slicing it would get easier using the knife. As it is a heavy-duty knife, you can also chop wood pieces through it. Hence it would turn into an all-encompassing and all-rounder product that would help you perform numerous functions efficiently.

Final thoughts


These iconic knives originating from the United States of America are most commonly used as decorative items. However, many hunters and adventurers prefer possessing a bowie knife while going on their excursion trips. Once you get your hands on a good quality one, it will stay with you for many years to come.

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