How To Buy The Best Axes In UK – Step by Step Guide

How To Buy The Best Axes In UK - Step by Step Guide

Since we are moving towards the winters, we must be prepping our fire pits and chimineas. This requires a fair amount of chopping wood. While an electric wood chopper is a choice, it is gravely costly, especially when there is an option of using the axes. Axe hatchets tend to chop wood a lot faster and cost less money, especially if you know what to do with them.

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If you want to complete the task more quickly, safely, and efficiently, you should invest in a high-quality hand axe UK or axe hatchet. Finding the finest axes and hatches from thousands of available options, however, isn’t that simple, especially when you take into account deceptive advertising and promises that aren’t kept. Therefore, we have narrowed down some options for you.


It appears simple on television, but any person who needs to chop wood with axes regularly will tell you that it can be exhausting and time-consuming if you will not go about it correctly and with the appropriate axe hatchet. To simplify things for you, we have put together a list of the best axes for sale. We have also put each hand axe UK to the application to see how well it performed in practical situations. Here is a summary of our best recommendations for axes.

Learn The Axe Types for Different Jobs


To begin your purchase for the best hand axe UK, you must understand why an axe is necessary. A few all-purpose axes are made primarily for single use. The key to selecting the right axe is probably knowing what you need.


  • You’ll need something compact if you’re going to be in the woods carrying a lot of gear about and cutting relatively small quantities of wood.


  • You’ll need a larger axe to split wood if you’re breaking logs for firewood.


  • You’ll need something hefty and adept axe if you’re felling trees.


Best Axes In UK


There are many thousands of axes for sale available. A decent axe is made of many different components, yet determining what kind of axe you require is not difficult. Just determine your needs and the purpose for which you’ll be using the axe, then go on from there. Below, you may read about our top choices that you can buy for a quality job.


●      Hand Forged Damascus Steel Hatchet Hawks Tomahawk Survival Axe 1919


The tomahawk axe is crafted by hand from 1095/15N20 alloy steel with a stunning geometric spin.

This axes Damascus steel is of the highest quality, resulting in superior edge and single-point cutting capabilities. This axes’ blade is HRC 58–60 in firmness and has a jagged edge.

The level of precision is extraordinary. This Tomahawk axe has an excellent grasp and is well-balanced, giving it a comfortable feeling and weight in hand. No two pieces created by the Knife Depot are alike; instead, each one is a meticulously crafted, hand-carved artwork.



  • Superior quality throughout.
  • Splits logs up to 20 cm in diameter
  • Fantastic coordination and load capacity
  • Fine head made of Damascus steel


  • Not a tool that is easily portable



●      White Deer Hand Forged Viking Axe With Custom Damascus Steel Head Cocobolo Wood Handle


This hand axe UK’s Damascus was produced by forging several sheets of steel together to form a blade. To create many layers, the edge is folded and rewelded multiple times. During the crucible weldment, the steel is manipulated to produce patterns. Attacking the steel plates with acid applied to the axe highlights the steel’s interesting stratified pattern. Translucent serrations on the axe that facilitate cutting are produced by the mix of stacked softer and harder steel, which also gives the axe mobility and sturdiness. Damascus steel has a hardness between 55 and 60 HRC. The axe head has a robust Cocobolo wood grasp and a mosaic pin.


  • A good axe for cutting logs and more significant pieces of wood
  • Lovely traditional appearance
  • Grasp absorbs vibrations effectively
  • Blade maintains its edge


  • If you dislike shaping your axe’s edge, this isn’t the tool for you.



●      White Deer Hand Forged Viking Axe With Custom Damascus Steel Head


While in the wild, its Damascus steelhead will aid in cutting through twigs and trunks. The Damascus on the blade of this hand axe from the UK was created by forging numerous steel sheets together. The blade is repeatedly folded and rewelded to produce several layers. In a crucible weld, patterns are created by manipulating the steel. A hand-crafted item made from high carbon Damascus steel, the WHITE DEER Hand Forged Viking Axe With Custom Steel Head is made with Wolf Etched Carbon. There is also a Wolf hand engraving found on the axe head.



  • Cuts logs of wood effectively
  • Sturdy axe grasp
  • Effectively dampens vibrations


  • Requires sharpening


●      Bulldog BHATCHETFG 1.5 lb Axe Hatchet


The forged steel head’s 1.5 lb weight is incredibly well proportioned, offering the user a satisfying command over the axe.


The ergonomic fiberglass handle provides a secure grip. It makes an excellent first tinder axe for many folks, though those who plan to use their hatchets frequently may want to spend more money on a product with an established reputation.

If you decide to use this axe, you will need the equipment to sharpen it because it is initially fairly blunt; however, once honed, it performs well, but the blade wears out quickly.


  • Extremely low price
  • An excellent first kindling hatchet for everyday use
  • Well-balanced
  • Simple to swing precisely
  • Firmly rests in hand.


  • You’ll need a better sheath
  • It arrives relatively dull.



●      Fiskars Chopping Axe XS X7


If you want to split kindling regularly with your axe, you should invest in a dependable model such as the Fiskars XS X7 axe.


Fiskars is more expensive, but it offers durability and long-term reliability. Nothing special about this axe. The tool has an incredibly sturdy fiberglass handle that performs a great job of dampening vibrations on impact, and a textured grasp keeps it securely but snugly in your palm.



  • Reliable brand with a good track record
  • High caliber throughout
  • Extremely robust and dependable
  • Fiberglass handles are compact
  • Incredibly sturdy and reliable.


  • The greater price might deter some consumers.

What To Look For When Purchasing The Best Hand Axe UK


Surprisingly, buying an axe only requires consideration of a small number of factors. You can view this criteria to buy the best axes on sale. First and foremost, the material of the grasp and arm is crucial. Safety and extended use are the main topics here. The axe’s construction material should also be taken into account. In general, the higher the carbon content of the steel, the finer since this will produce a long-lasting heat treat on the blade.

●      A Strong Grasp


Because axes are sharp, it is best to have a secure grip in your hand rather than letting them wander through randomly. The requirement for a firm hold becomes even more crucial for security and convenience because the aforesaid is held with only one hand.


Avoid subpar items with poor grips since they will fall apart quickly. Instead, search for a long-lasting, thick rubberized handle that will absorb contact shock and keep the axe hatchet squarely in your grasp even when your palms begin to perspire.

●      Manage The Material


If it is about axe handle materials, wood will be your primary option. Axes with metal handles do exist, although they aren’t ubiquitous these days.


Axes have had wooden grips for literally decades. Decent grade wood is an excellent vibration isolator and is exceptionally robust and lasting without being overly hefty. If you store the axe appropriately after use and give the handle a little lacquer, you may simply prevent trouble with rust and other weather-related damage.


●      The Equilibrium And Weight


Given the likelihood that you will be using your axe for prolonged periods of time, you should be concerned about the product’s weight. The ideal hand axe UK for camping is one that is small, lightweight, and portable.


A bit heavier axe with a more oversized head and a fine, sturdy, wooden grip might be more appropriate if you need to cut some wood over 20 cm in diameter.





The finest hand axe in the UK buying guide has come to an end. We hope that after reading this article, you feel a little better informed on the best value axes available on the UK market. Knife Depot provides more professional, higher-quality goods at highly affordable pricing. To find the most excellent products at a price that is within reach of most people, check out their website and their selection of axes and hatchets.


Frequently Asked Questions


What should be the average weight of a hand Axe UK?

The combined weight of the axe head and grip is typically between 3 and 5 Ibs. Axe hatchets can weigh approximately 2 lbs.

What should be the length of an Axe for sale?


The length of an axe typically ranges from 25 to 35 inches. Axe hatchets can be as small as 13 inches.

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